Classroom Observation

Assessment Criteria for Teachers’ Performance


Professional Competence


§  Knowledge of legislation( rights and duties, school regulations, relation with stakeholders…..

§  Is the teacher familiar with the reference documents?

§  ( syllabus, accompanying document, teacher’s guide..)

§  Are the pedagogical supporting materials available and designed / planned appropriately? ( personal / class log book,yearly planning,unit plan, mark book, projects’ files….)

§  Are there any research initiatives? Use of extra resources and teaching aids)


Pedagogical Competence


§  Does the teacher set clearly the teaching-learning objectives for his/her lesson?

§  To what extent do they accord with the advocated syllabus and its basic principles?

§  Does the teacher set appropriate tasks in accordance with the set of objectives?

§  Does the teacher encourage interaction and partnership?

§  Does he / she urge learners autonomy and critical thinking?

§  How does the teacher cope with the unexpected happenings?

§  Is the teacher class control and time management rational?


Didactic Competence


§  Does the teacher apply the principles of the newly implemented approach ‘ CBA’?

§  Is the teacher able to transform the curriculum into learning-classroom practices?

§  Does he / she apply a variety of strategies?


Disciplinary Competence


§  Grammar

§  Semantics

§  Morphology

§  Phonology

§  Proficiency in the four skills


Topical, Cultural and Technological Competence


§  Mastery of topics implemented

§  Richness and relevance of information

§  Ability to explain and convince learners about particular cultural situations

§  Readiness for learning and improvement

§  Ability to vary the resources ( books – websites…)



                                                                                           Inspector of National Education