Classroom Observation

The Teacher

Mrs.Sarah Mejhouda Kebir is a teacher of English at Taha Houssein high school in Tindouf.

The Lesson


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Teachers' Feedback


I am honoured to present this lesson to my 1 AS students with the presence of my inspector and colleagues from different schools in Tindouf. I am very pleased to be observed and assessed. I tried to apply the CBA principles and motivate my students with the use of ICT and group work.

I am very grateful to my colleagues’ comments and suggestions. I hope I will improve.

Mrs. Sarah Kébir 

The observed teacher

I am happy to attend this seminar with teachers of English. I understand from this training that I have to change my way of teaching if I want to see the change in my students. I also understand the importance of the use of ICT. More importantly, I understand today that teacher development is a major factor in the implementation and the success of any reform.

Mr. Khaled B

A Teacher of Spanish  

I find the technological way of presenting a lesson very successful. It helps a lot and it gets rid of boredom. I just wonder if it is possible to use ICT in large classes where teachers have to manipulate the computer, control the class and give instructions of the different tasks she / he wants to deal with.

Mrs. Radja 

Today’s observation class confirms that we get a successful only when the teacher      ( the most important agent of any reform) encompasses  the necessary skills, I mean in addition to many other competencies, one should master the topic to deal with           ( topical competence) and the use of ICT ( technological competence).

I like the post-observation session because we could share ideas with teachers of other subjects with no language obstacle. So, it’s high time to have intra-disciplinary meetings to exchange ideas and benefit from the other subjects’ practices.

Mr. Ferridj 

I understand today that an observation class should be well-organised and prepared in advance. I also notice that in addition to the observed teacher (Mrs. Kebir) many other people in Taha Hussein High School have contributed to the success of the observation class.

I also understand that the objective have to be set in advance, the autonomy of the teacher in creating her own tasks, the use of ICT and the collaboration between teachers and administrative staff are of a great help.

Mrs. Krattar 

Mrs. Kébir managed to achieve the objectives assigned (she told us about her objectives in the pre-observation class). I mean she could lead her students to produce a piece of writing based on information given in task 1 and 2. We learn a lot thanks to the competencies she demonstrated in her presentation. I wish her all the best.

Mrs. Abdelmoula 

As a new teacher, I have learnt a lot from this meeting, especially the different competences a teacher should have to implement the CBA.

So, I thank my colleagues and inspector for their advice I could get when listening to them. I hope I could be a competent teacher.

Mrs. S. Belabbes 

The most important I have learnt to day is the use of ICT. It is an excellent teaching-learning tool and it is very easy to use. Mrs. Kébir is a skilful teacher. Thank you so much for your great help.

A Colleague 

I would like to thank the teacher, Mrs. Kébir, for the efforts she made and for the successful lesson. In addition I have special thanks and greetings to the kind and helpful inspector, Mr. Louznadji, who gave us plenty of beneficial tips to improve our teaching.

                                                                                                        Mr. Zeini Moulay Omar

I have learnt so many things today as I have been observing and assessing a colleague presenting a lesson. I find the discussion in the post-observation class very interesting and constructive. Now, I have to take into account the different competences given to us by our skilful and level-headed inspector.

Mrs. Samia Djabri 

For me, it’s a nice day as I meet my colleagues and inspector. I like the atmosphere and I learn a lot from the use of ICT and the group work. Mrs. Kébir succeeds greatly in today’s observation class. As a beginner, I’ll do my best to be a competent teacher  

Mrs. Benmohamed 

As a new teacher, I consider this meeting as a starting point. It’s really constructive especially when caring of our competences that help us reach proficiency.

Miss F. Maghaouli 

We are in need of that kind of meeting. That way of assessing teachers’ performance based on criteria and indicators is very helpful in the sense that both the observed teacher and the observer benefit from.

I wish to meet again teachers of other subjects to exchange ideas and experiences. We should not consider the language as a barrier.

Thanks a lot to the inspector who invited me though I am a teacher of Arabic.

I hope to have intra-disciplinary meetings in our school.

Translated to English

Mr. Mokhtar Idriss

Teacher of Arabic 


I am very pleased to see the positive change to the learning of English as a foreign language. The board of direction, headteachers and teachers work hands in hands to improve the learning of English in Tindouf. Even RADIO Tindouf contributed when showing interest to the teaching of English, and interviewing both the inspector and Mrs. Belloufa, a teacher of English.

The observation class could not be successful without the contribution of all these educators. Mrs. Sarah Kébir demonstrated great competences and professionalism and her colleagues were positive and constructive in the post-observation class. Mrs. Radja, on the other hand, presented a very interesting micro-teaching lesson based on the use of songs to sum up the unit “Make Peace”. I wish I could attend her next observation class.

All in all, I would like to say to the sympathetic teachers of Tindouf to work collaboratively and to keep the ball rolling……

M. Louznadji

Inspector of National Education