Classroom Observation

Positive Feedback

" Feedback is information given about the observed teacher’s performance. It is much more helpful to provide specific information about what is correct about performance (i.e. catching something done in the right way) than it is to focus primarily on what is incorrect. Providing positive feedback is a sophisticated learned skill that takes quite a bit of practice to be developed. A useful feedback has the following characteristics:

  • It is descriptive rather than evaluative.
  • It is specific rather than general.
  • It is focused on behaviour rather than on the person.
  • It takes into account the needs of both the observers and the observed teacher.
  • It involves sharing information.

Most importantly, constructive feedback opens the way to a relationship which is built on trust, honesty, and genuine concern. Through such a relationship, the team will have achieved one of the most rewarding experiences that anyone can achieve and will have opened a very important door to personal learning and growth."  

    Adapted from the Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Minnesota