Classroom Observation

The Lesson

Teacher: Mrs. Salima Ghellal

Class: SE2 ForeignLanguages

Unit:   Science or Fiction

Think it over:      a) with the use of ICT, Matching given words and pictures

                               b) Classifying findings (words) real or unreal

Discovering language:  Film trailer: 04 different tasks

Homework: students were asked to produce a piece of writing exploiting the information from the different tasks in ‘Think it Over’ & ‘Discovering Language’


 The class observation is successful in the sense that the observed teacher demonstrates high pedagogical, disciplinary, topical as well as technological competences.

Her creativity and her sense of adapting teaching materials to the level and needs of her students make her teaching practices very effective. Thanks to her interactive way of teaching, her non-threatening approach when correcting students’ mistakes as well encouraging and praising them, she manages to get the point across. She is really hooked at the matter thoroughly. 

I also appreciate tremendously the post observation class in which teachers’ feedback was positive and constructive. This happened in a very relaxed atmosphere full of learning, sharing and exchanging.


                                                                                          Inspector of National Education

                                                                                                               February 02nd, 2009.