Classroom Observation

The Teacher

Mrs.Brahimi has been teaching English for 22 years, she currently works at Adda Abdelkader High School, and she contributed to many classroom observations.

She was one of the teachers of the year 2008 as she contributed to a year long teacher professional development course on assessment.

The Pre-Observation Class


The Observation Class


Teachers' Feedback



I do appreciate Mrs.Brhaimi’s attitude towards embracing reforms in teaching. She really reflects the right behavior and way of doing with new unexpected situations in one’s teaching career. Following her instinctive love for the subject matter and her profession brought her safe ashore.


Excellent teacher, she knows how to make her pupils trust her and work at ease. You are well organized. I wish you all the best.

Guitone Fatiha

Mrs.brahimi is a devoted, self-confident teacher. Her relationship with her students is really impressive as she always encourages interaction and gives her students a sort  of freedom in work. It’s really interesting what you presented. Congratulations.

 Djelailia Noudjoud

It was a successful lesson, done in a good way, well organized and presented. The learners were really interested and involved in doing all the tasks. Good interaction with the pupils.

                                                                                                                          Selit Ismahane

A very motivated teacher. A very successful lesson; very friendly with pupils. It is very encouraging especially for trainee teachers to see her using and mastering the new methods after 22 years of teaching. She is really an “Excellent” teacher, isn’t she?

Mrs.Belbachir Douniazed

The teacher’s work was excellent. I liked very much her presentation to the lesson. In general, I do like it. I think that any person with interest and willingness to learn can become an excellent teacher. So, Mrs.Brahimi you really deserve to be excellent teacher, congratulations.

Fatima Si Ahmed

Thank you Mrs. Brahimi for giving us the chance of being observers. I  appreciated the way you taught, especially because you are a dynamic teacher and your pupils trust  on you, you are the best!

Belaguid Naima

First of all, thank you Mrs.brahimi, you are really an excellent teacher, I loved what you said about self assessment before assessing your pupils. I appreciated your way of teaching.


1.      Good collaboration and interaction between the pupils and their teacher.

2.      The use of ICTs and the research done by the teacher made the objectives reachable and clear.

Mrs.Djekoune Souheila

Very good work, good contribution and interaction between the teacher and her pupils who are interested in the subject .

Mrs.Gasmi Kheira

Good work and I appreciate the way of teaching. The teacher is a model for us as new teachers. Congratulations.

Djelloul Lahouaria

The work was excellent. The lessons were well prepared and planned. Good relationship between the teacher and her students. The work was very interesting and I appreciate it.


Congratulations, I really liked the way of your teaching and more the relationship you have with your pupils. You created a very attractive learning atmosphere to make them work. Keep on the good work. One doesn’t get bored in your class. It was really interesting.


Mrs.Brahimi is doing a good work. She doesn’t impose herself. She makes her pupils work at ease. I congratulate her.


Throughout the two observed lessons, Mrs.brahimi showed her different competencies in doing her job at ease and in peace. Pedagogical documents very satisfactory, positive behavior, tolerance with pupils and doing her best to apply the principles of the approach and the philosophy of  the curriculum. Congratulations for the devoted teacher.


Mrs.Brahimi is an excellent teacher, working at ease with her students. Her fluency and accuracy help the students participate freely. She shows eagerness to the improvement of the disciplinary competence.


Mrs.Brahimi , you are not only a generous and courageous person but also an excellent teacher. Thank you.

Mrs.Khettou Nabila

I first care to thank Mrs.Brahimi and her students for the lively, collaborative and interactive class they offered us. I would say it was not just a class observation but rather a training day.

Being prepared by the Inspector at the pre-observation class with the criteria of assessing teachers’ performance, I learnt more about the benefits of an observation class especially when I noticed Mrs. Brahimi’s eagerness to start and heard her confession of the need to be observed. Though she was involved in the Assessment Teacher Professional Development Course during the whole school year 2007-2008, Mrs. Brahimi was committed to her continuing professional development and cared to respond to teachers’ needs and demonstrated her action research through a class demonstration a year later.

As both the observed teacher and the observers knew on what criteria the assessment would be based during the classroom observation, Mrs. Brahimi was at ease performing thanks to her effective planning including the meticulously designed unit plan and many other pedagogical documents that we had the opportunity to consult.

Our colleague didn’t lose class control for a single second by moving nonstop from one student to another. In addition, she kept on encouraging her students to work either in pairs or groups.  There was really a relaxing, friendly and collaborative learning atmosphere between the students and their teacher.

The teacher demonstrated a good command of the subject matter when dealing with the evolution of the invention of the telephone, from the anticipate phase to introduce the reading passage of the lesson to the planned language outcome while combining pairs of sentences to express concession.

I really enjoyed observing my colleague and her students, but what I liked the most was her flexibility at using different tools such as ICTs, the white board and the handouts/ worksheets. Even the student who was helping her on the laptop was flexible at clicking, doing the tasks on his copybook and collaborating with his classmates.

Though we reached the end of the lesson with total achievement of the planned outcomes, the observation wouldn’t be achieved without the teachers’ feedback, so we had to go through a post-observation class to discuss and assess the different competences we observed in the teacher and her teaching.

I learnt so much from my colleague that I would conclude my feed back with the quote:”Who dares to teach must never cease to learn”.