Classroom Observation

Observation Classes

Observation classes are sometimes for firing and discouraging purposes rather than to assist professional improvement and learning. The effect may be stressful, demoralizing and conflicting rather than supportive and helpful.


This degrading attitude is to be replaced by supportive and collaborative relationships between teachers because it is very important to carry out some periodic appraisal of their teaching, on the principals that they cannot move ahead without having a fairly clear idea of where they are. Obvious sources of feedback on their performance are supervisors (inspector and head teacher) and colleagues,


These sources of feedback

  • help you improve your skills and use professional dialogue.
  • build bridges of understanding.
  • clarify ideas of agreement and disagreement.
  • promote deeper understanding of issues.
  • improve individual and collective capacity to make good decisions.


Having these constructive points in mind, both the observed teacher and the observer will contribute positively to the effectiveness of their professional practices.



                                                                                         Inspector of National Education